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New eBook: Best Practices for Monitoring Current and Exited Students

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Ellevation's new Best Practices for Monitoring Current and Exited EL Students eBook is a resource for educators and Local Education Authorities (LEAs) that seek to learn more about the policy, practice and pedagogy behind effective EL progress monitoring and exited EL monitoring processes. For multilingual students specifically, adapting monitoring processes to focus on key content and language learning objectives present significant areas of opportunity for LEAs.

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With this focus in mind, the eBook outlines the requirements and objectives surrounding current and former EL student monitoring as laid out in federal policy, emphasizing both legal obligations and equity-based considerations. It also reviews important pedagogical concepts that LEAs should consider when designing these processes with equity in mind. Finally, it provides practical suggestions for how to ensure LEAs can effectively meet their monitoring requirements through technology solutions, with a specific focus on the Ellevation Platform.