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Ellevation is joining the Curriculum Associates Family

This partnership will help Ellevation reach more educators and students with its suite of products and allow Curriculum Associates to expand its support for multilingual learners. The two companies will work together to strengthen the student and teacher experience. Read more about this exciting announcement here. Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions you may have.



Q: Who is Curriculum Associates

A: Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates (CA) is an ed-tech company based outside of Boston whose suite of instruction and assessment products reach over 10 million students in the K-12 space. Their i-Ready platform is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that uses diagnostic data to make differentiated instruction possible in every classroom. 

Q: Why are Ellevation and Curriculum Associates a good fit?

A: Like Ellevation, Curriculum Associates, creator of the i-Ready program, is a mission-driven education company that puts students and educators first. Together, we will be able to expand our impact, improving the teaching and learning experience for multilingual learners. 

Q: How does this affect me as a Ellevation partner?

A: We are excited to be able to draw upon the deep instructional expertise of Curriculum Associates as we continue to develop our instructional products (Ellevation Strategies and Ellevation Math) and the resources required to provide our rapidly growing partner base with world class customer service.

Q: I am a Curriculum Associates customer. Will I be able to log in to Ellevation through i-Ready?

A: You will continue to log in to Ellevation here. In the future, we will explore ways to simplify the login experience for users across the products, but for the time being your experience will continue as you know it.

Q: Who will manage and support Ellevation customers’ accounts?

A: Customers should continue to contact their existing Ellevation customer support team members (i.e., account manager, customer success manager, etc.) at Ellevation.

Q: Do I have to update our contract with Ellevation because of the merger?

A: No. Ellevation is still “Ellevation Inc.,” a registered business in the State of Delaware, with the same headquarters in Boston.  

Q: I don’t use the i-Ready assessment in my district, will I still be able to use our current assessment platform and Ellevation?

A: Absolutely. Ellevation will continue to import the data you need to make the best instructional decisions for your students.

Q: Will anything else change for Ellevation?

A: There will be no other changes at this time. Moving forward, we plan to harness the best of both companies to continue to deliver the data and instructional resources that make administrators’ jobs easier and classrooms better places for students and teachers. Our commitment to students and educators is stronger than ever.