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Ellevation Strategies
Make rigorous classroom content accessible for all learners.

Ellevation offers a set of research-based instructional practices and activities to help classroom teachers plan instruction and apply the techniques necessary to help ELs acquire language and master grade-level content.

An Introduction to Ellevation Strategies

How it Works
Empower Teachers to Successfully Engage ELs.

Each activity in Ellevation Strategies supports quality instruction with key student information, clear instructions, downloadable resources, student-specific scaffolds, demonstration videos, and more.

Dual Language
Access the dual-language resources your program needs most.

The benefits of Dual Language programming are evident in the growing number of Dual Language programs across the US - and these programs have unique needs. Ellevation’s Dual Language resource provides instructional resources that focus on high academic achievement, bilingualism and biliteracy, and cross-cultural competency. Provide all dual language educators with access to high-quality, professionally transadapted instructional resources in English and Spanish. Leverage instructional strategies and routines that were developed alongside Dr. José Medina and Dr. Sonia Soltero and focus on the unique needs of your Dual program.

Learn from Zwiers, Seidlitz, and Others.

The instructional activities and Framework were built upon the most relevant research-based, best practices of English Language Development with top experts in the field of language learning and instruction like Dr. Tim Boals, John Seidlitz, and Dr. Jeff Zwiers, and Dr. Jose Medina.

Implement with fidelity and sustain the highest quality

Ellevation is committed to doing everything possible to help partners and ELs succeed. We accomplish this through hands-on EL expertise and real-world experience, as well as outstanding implementation support, training, customer service, and support. Our obsession with EL success translates into quality outcomes for districts and students.

Custom plan for your district

Implementation includes a series of strategic conversations focused on listening to the partner’s needs and creating solutions that support the work of the district.

Dedicated implementation team

We’ll connect you with a team of experienced education experts who are fully dedicated to helping your team build mastery of the tools and succeed.

Sustainable training solutions

From on-demand videos, to webinars, to in-person trainings, you will have access to a suite of resources to help your district maximize our platform’s value and benefits.


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