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How much does Ellevation cost?

Our All-Access pricing is based on the number of English Learners in your district. To learn more, please contact our sales team.


How do districts pay for Ellevation. What funding sources do districts use to pay for Ellevation?

Although conditions can vary by state, Ellevation has been approved for purchase with the following funding sources:

  • Title III
  • Title II
  • Title I
  • Local Funding
  • Bilingual Funding

SIS/Student Data

Can you use Ellevation to support other/special populations?

The functionality of our product, and the people behind it, is oriented towards supporting the needs of English Learners and the educators and administrators who serve them. This could certainly include a number of features that support tracking of dual-identified SPED/ELL students, as well as other EL sub-groups (SIFE, 504, LTEL, Migrant, etc), but districts looking for IEP or 504 compliance software should consider solutions built specifically for that purpose.

What is your data privacy policy?

We are committed to ensuring the strongest possible privacy protections for any student data managed on Ellevation. Here is a complete overview of our security and data policies.

Does Ellevation Education adhere to any information security framework?

Yes. Ellevation has elected to adopt the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 27002 standard for information security. It provides over 130 controls that relate to identification and mitigation risk across the entire organization.

What SIS systems do you integrate with?

We have deep experience importing student data from every leading SIS in the United States. Our data integration team will evaluate your system and implement a best-fit integration approach based on the unique requirements of your district.

Instructional Content

What standards are you aligned to?

Ellevation Strategies and Collections support teachers in meeting the ELD standards of your state. Ellevation is aligned to the ELD standards of your state (WIDA, CA ELD, ELPS, ELPA 21, NY Language Progressions, LAS, etc.). Standards are integrated throughout our product and give educators the guidance they need to be teachers of content and language. In addition, our instructional tools are supportive of the content standards in your state, especially when paired with standardized and formative assessments that can be loaded in Ellevation.

Who developed Ellevation’s instructional content?

Ellevation worked with leading language experts including Jeff Zwiers, Jana Echevarria, John Seidlitz and Tim Boals to develop an easy-to-use instructional resource (Ellevation Strategies) that enables differentiated instruction for ELLs in all grade and content areas.

Along with our Instructional Advisory Board, Ellevation Strategies was developed with support from two cohorts of teachers from across the country and was built upon the most relevant research-based bes practes of English Language Development. Together, these teachers authored classroom activities as well as language supports aligned to college and career readiness standards.

Who We Work With

Does Ellevation work with charter schools or charter schools networks?

Yes. We work with charters and charter networks in addition to public schools.

How can I find out what districts are using Ellevation near me?

We’d be happy to share information on districts near you.  Contact our sales team to learn more.

What size school districts do you work with?

We work with districts of all sizes - from small and rural to many of the largest districts in the country - in all regions of the United States.

Implementation, Support & Training

How long does it take to implement Ellevation?

Ellevation uses a structured implementation process that has been proven over the years.  We work with every district to tailor the plan to meet their specific goals and priorities.  At the start of implementation, the district will need to provide all of the necessary data files and automate exports from their SIS.  Once data import is complete, a typical implementation will take about 6-8 weeks, inclusive of training.  After training, the district will be able to fully roll out Ellevation to their campuses.

What kind of support do you provide?

​Ellevation provides a suite of solutions designed to ensure that our partners get the most out of Ellevation. This includes:

  • A built-in resource center with a range of how-to articles.
  • A Help Desk team, available 8:30am - 8pm EST, that reviews and responds to all tickets within 2 hours.
  • Ellevation Academy offers extensive live and on-demand learning opportunities for district partners with various levels of experience.
  • Online and onsite trainings help districts build mastery through a personalized training designed for their district.  

Hardware Requirements

Will my teachers have to download or install anything?

No. Ellevation is a web-based platform that can be used on any device

Users & Roles

Can my classroom teachers have access to Ellevation?

Yes. All stakeholders in a district can access Ellevation.