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Learn more about Ellevation InClass - a groundbreaking new tool that fosters meaningful collaboration between classroom teachers and ELL specialists.

The only web-based software platform specifically designed for ELL educators and the English Learners they serve.


Ellevation currently serves over 260 districts in 30 states, collectively educating over 460,000 English Learners.

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    • Duval County Public Schools Duval County Public Schools
    • Oklahoma City Public Schools Oklahoma City Public Schools
    • Lawrence Public Schools Lawrence Public Schools
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    • City School District of New Rochelle City School District of New Rochelle
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    • Accomack County Public Schools Accomack County Public Schools

Product Features

The Basics: Your English Learners

Ellevation offers educators a detailed look at English Learners. Using Ellevation, educators can review a student's proficiency level, accommodations and more, and monitor current, reclassified, and exited students. Imagine that: all the information in one place, available anytime/anywhere – even on your couch.

Interface image of student listing

ELLs at a glance

Get to know students more deeply. Easily view a student’s level, status, and history, and take and record notes.

Gauging efficiency level in students

Proficiency Levels

Review and group students by proficiency level based on English Language Proficiency assessments (including WIDA, CELDT, CELLA, TELPAS, NYSESLAT, ELDA, and many more).

Data for Differentiation

The Ellevation Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of ELL-related data. Educators can filter and view data at the district, grade, classroom, and school levels to easily view trends and group students.

  • Students Needing Attention

    Review students based on ELP assessment progress at the domain level to identify students that need attention.

  • Services

    View services being provided across a district or in a school, customized for the services offered in your state and district.

  • Duration / Long-term ELLs

    Easily identify students and the number of years as English Learners in order to prioritize for intervention, satisfy Title III reporting and more.

  • Score History Report

    Review each student’s ELP score progress by year, domain, level and scale score and identify important trends.

Personalizing Instruction

While all students have unique needs, ELLs can pose certain complexities rooted in cultural and linguistic differences. To personalize instruction for English Learners, educators can use Ellevation to get a sharp understanding of each student’s strengths and challenges, and work closely with colleagues to develop plans and coordinate instruction.

  • Choose from over 700 pre-written ELD aligned goals, assign a goal to a student or group of students, and easily monitor and report out on progress.

  • Automatically generate an individualized learning plan to highlight student needs and collaborate with colleagues during PLCs, inquiry meetings, LPAC meetings, and more.

  • Look at student progress easily at the classroom or school level, and identify common challenges and topics for professional development.

Compliance and Parent Communication

How many ELL educators got into the teaching profession to spend an inordinate amount of time on compliance? No one we know. Ellevation automates a wide range of reports to save educators significant time and improve compliance.

  • Automatically generate Title III required letters in 28 different languages.

  • Use Ellevation to “monitor” students during the post- reclassification federally required monitoring period.

  • Record, track and report out on the approved testing accommodations recommended for English Learners.

About Us

Our Mission

Ellevation helps English Language Learners realize their highest aspirations.

The success of our nation’s underserved students is closely tied to effective teaching. To support hard-working and passionate educators, we develop solutions to improve instruction, enhance collaboration, and maximize impact.

We constantly learn from educators, and the work we do reflects their insights. We will listen, innovate, and deliver.

Our Values

Service. We do whatever it takes to delight our partners. We support and share responsibility with the members of our team.

Continuous Learning. We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate. We are not afraid to make mistakes. We learn from others and from our challenges & successes.

Persistence. The stakes are high for the students and educators we serve. We knock down barriers to ensure the long-term success of our partners.

Sustainability. We work smartly, take care of our team, and have fun in order to ensure the sustainability and success of our organization.

Live our Mission. We constantly ask how our choices support educators and improve outcomes for English Language Learners. Our passion for these students drives us to work with great urgency and to hold each other accountable.

We listen, innovate, and deliver.


The Ellevation team brings a diverse array of experiences and expertise to the work.

  • Marion Kennedy Amos

    Marion Kennedy Amos

    Partner Development

  • Jeremy Balmos

    Jeremy Balmos


  • Hal Bredbenner

    Hal Bredbenner

    Partner Support

  • Phil Charland

    Phil Charland

    VP of Sales

  • Kathryn Cronin

    Kathryn Cronin

    Account Manager

  • Elizabeth Crouch

    Elizabeth Crouch


  • default person

    Lindsey Driscoll


  • Photo of Emily Fanty

    Emily Fanty


  • Diana Gonzalez

    Diana Gonzalez

    Partner Support

  • Mike Harrington

    Mike Harrington


  • Carrie Hill

    Carrie Hill

    Partner Support

  • default person

    Alyssa Jean

    Instructional Design

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson


  • default person

    Ted Kietzman

    Partner Development

  • Shanna Masdea

    Shanna Masdea

    Partner Support

  • Jordan Meranus

    Jordan Meranus

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Duy Nguyen

    Duy Nguyen


  • Nathan Papazian

    Nathan Papazian

    Product Manager

  • Meghan Parpos

    Meghan Parpos

    Partner Support

  • Lindsey Payson

    Lindsey Payson

    Partner Support

  • Nikolay Petkov

    Nikolay Petkov


  • Chris Prudente

    Chris Prudente

    Partner Support

  • Krystal Quintanilla

    Krystal Quintanilla

    Partner Development

  • Jennifer Quintero

    Jennifer Quintero

    Partner Development

  • default person

    Leslie Randall

    Partner Development

  • Teddy Rice

    Teddy Rice

    Co-Founder and President

  • Abby Rogers

    Abby Rogers

    VP of Partner Support

  • Hilary Salander

    Hilary Salander

    Partner Development

  • Tracy Skelly

    Tracy Skelly

    Business Development

  • default person

    Molly Sloane

    Data Integration

  • Orion Smith

    Orion Smith

    VP of Products

  • default person

    Marty Thomas

    VP of Special Projects

  • default person

    Danielle Vallely

    Partner Support

  • Courtney Weber

    Courtney Weber

    Partner Support

  • Eric Wong

    Eric Wong

    VP of Engineering

Contact Us

Mailing Address

Ellevation, LLC
PO Box 961870
Boston, MA 02196


77 Summer Street
7th Floor
Boston, MA 02110



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