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Hear from our partners

Hear from educators and administrators just like you about why they love Ellevation for their district.

Ellevation Platform

“There was no life before Ellevation. I was drowning in paper. I was drowning in at least 8,000 pieces of paper, at a minimum, that I was chasing. That's too much paper for anyone to manage. So after Ellevation, that brought sanity. You know, that brought clarity in the work. That brought the ability to look at data, know that it, it's there, and to be able to communicate and share as needed.”

-Dr. Karen Henery, ESOL Director, Little Rock School District

“Having a platform of data that is available to teachers in the classroom is powerful. What really drew me to the program is that as classroom teacher or as a school administrator, you don’t have to go into different platforms to then figure out your groups of students or what their needs are.”

-Marissa Allen, Instructional Support Officer of the Multilingual Education Department, San Diego Unified School District

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Ellevation Math

“We had one of our ESL teachers pilot Ellevation Math… and she truly loved the program. She was not a math teacher, but she collaborated and partnered with the math department and her students saw huge gains. Well, this year we now have expanded the program with Ellevation Math going from only one campus, to another campus, and now we've gone across the board in our district…We've really been seeing the success with our students that are using Ellevation Math. When they go off to the math classroom, they feel more confident because their teachers were able to utilize the program to better support them.”

-Kerry Haupert. Assistant Direction of Bilingual ESL Newcomers, Northeast ISD

“Ellevation Math was an answer for us as an elementary building, with a very high EL population, but the language seems to be something to work on for all students, not just our ELs. So, we offered Ellevation Math to all students, grades three through five, and how the teachers have embedded that into their instructional core was a priority: to make sure that it was part of their planning process. How do we give the primers to our students, see their results, teach the lessons, look at the data, and then it becomes a cyclical process.”

-Dr. Geniene Piché, Director of Language Learners, Boone County Schools

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Ellevation Strategies

“Having the students really be there [in the modules] as well to show who needs light support, moderate support, or any type of support that really helps teachers to not feel like ‘I have to go do something extra,’ because it's already right there for them. And it really does engage the students because a lot of the activities there are where students are working together, being able to use the language, develop the language, and collaborate with others...The more we are able to provide something for teachers like Strategies, the more they feel supported.”

-Ana Harrison, English Learner Teacher on Assignment, Ontario-Montclair School District

“Across the country, teachers are getting PD that feels like ‘one more thing’. These modules don't feel that way...When we started using them, you could see the teachers grow in their confidence to talk about what they were doing in the classroom with each other. We just gained those skills month after month - you can see that efficacy build, that ‘I can do this. I can be a good EL teacher."

-Stacie Williamson, Principal at Canyon Elementary, Cache County School District

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