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EL program management has never been easier.

Ellevation is the most comprehensive EL program management platform that organizes all EL student data, supports critical LPAC meetings, enables accurate reporting and supports instructional planning for multilingual students.

An Introduction to the Ellevation Platform

EL Program Data
Get to know your students in depth and at a glance.

Program accountability is more important than ever, and more decisions must be informed by accurate student data. Ellevation makes the process of understanding your students and their data easy. Our customizable data dashboards & comprehensive student profiles allow you and your team to easily track language proficiency on TELPAS, analyze sub-populations, share insights district-wide, and make informed decisions about goals and progress.

Streamline administrative processes.

Ensuring that key decisions are efficiently documented and communicated to EL stakeholders is essential for program efficacy and accountability. Use Ellevation to build and generate reporting templates that unify multiple data sources, capture key EL program decisions and provide all students in the district an Individualized Language Plan.

Instructional Planning
Make informed instructional decisions.

Meeting as an LPAC team to make instructional decisions about designated supports, services, program placements and goals is an important part of ensuring that all students receive the right kind of language development support. Streamline those processes through customizable LPAC meeting workflows that fit TEA compliance requirements, and easily track your EL students’ program placements all in one place.

Monitor student progress easily and effectively.

For many school districts, monitoring current & former EL student progress often creates significant paperwork - not with Ellevation! We bring the entire monitoring process online, allowing you to fulfill your program compliance obligations and make the process of gathering feedback simple, timely and accurate. 

Monitoring with Ellevation

Implement with fidelity and sustain the highest quality

Ellevation is committed to doing everything possible to help partners and ELs succeed. We accomplish this through hands-on EL expertise and real-world experience, as well as outstanding implementation support, training, customer service, and support. Our obsession with EL success translates into quality outcomes for districts and students.

Work with our Texas-based Team

Our Texas-based group of experienced education experts will guide your implementation and ensure your team builds mastery of the platform. Meet our Texas team.

Custom Plan for Your District

The implementation process includes a series of strategic conversations focused on listening to the partner’s needs and creating solutions that support the work of the district.

Sustainable training solutions

From on-demand videos to webinars to in-person trainings, we help your district maximize our platform’s value and benefits.


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