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The professional development every educator needs to support their MLs.

Ellevation Strategies provides sustained, job-embedded professional development to help every educator develop the capacity to support Multilingual Learners in their language acquisition and content mastery.

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An Introduction to Ellevation Strategies

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 "Ellevation is changing the game"
- Ellevation Strategies Customer, MA

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Transform educator capacity with professional learning modules.

  • Meet all ESSA PD standards 
  • Simplify delivery of professional development
  • Provide instructional activities to support classroom practice
  • Increase accountability with opportunities for reflection

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 "’s smart; it’s created in a way that’s how a teacher would actually use it."
- Principal at Cache County, UT

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Dual Language and Bilingual Programs
Promote bilingualism, biliteracy, and cultural competency.

Prepare dual language teachers with modules specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of dual language programs and strengthen all three pillars: Biliteracy, Cultural Competency, and Academic Success. Provide educators with access to high-quality, professionally transadapted instructional resources developed alongside Dr. José Medina and Dr. Sonia Soltero. 

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“Ellevation Strategies reflects best practices for ELs and are research-based. They address the unique needs, struggles, and gaps in instruction that often affect ELs.”

—Dr. Jana Echevarria, co-author of SIOP®


Research & Experts
Created with Leaders in Language Education

The modules and instructional activities were built upon the most relevant research and created in collaboration with leading experts including Dr. Tim Boals, Dr. José Medina, John Seidlitz, Dr. Sonia Soltero, Dr. Jeff Zweirs.

Program Guide

Whitepaper and References

Case Studies
Educators in over 45 states have used the instructional activities in Ellevation Strategies to reach and engage multilingual learners - read about the impact:

Twin Rivers Unified School District - California

Pascagoula-Gautier School District - Mississippi

Sam Houston Middle School - Texas

Community Independent School District - Texas

Birdville Independent School District - Texas

Ellevation Strategies is Certified by Digital Promise:

Research-Based Design  Learner Variability

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Implement with fidelity and sustain the highest quality

Ellevation is committed to doing everything possible to help partners and ELs succeed. We accomplish this through hands-on LL expertise and real-world experience, as well as outstanding implementation support, training, customer service, and support. Our obsession with EL success translates into quality outcomes for districts and students.

Custom plan for your district

Implementation includes strategic conversations focused on solutions that support the district. We ensure the software configurations and rollout are optimized to support specific partner needs.

Dedicated implementation team

We’ll connect you with a team of experienced education experts who are fully dedicated to helping your team build mastery of the tools and succeed.

Sustainable training solutions

From on-demand videos, to online workshops, to in-person trainings, you will have access to a suite of resources to help your district maximize our platform’s value and benefits.

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