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Built by ELL educators
for ELL educators.

Ellevation was built by a team of former ELL Coordinators, teachers and technology experts with input from top language acquisition experts to streamline ELL program management, enable effective collaboration, and to differentiate instruction. Districts using Ellevation spend less time on paperwork, and more time delivering effective, transformative ELL instruction.

Policy & Compliance
Ellevation addresses the full range of reporting needs, saving educators significant time and improving compliance.

Collaborate & Inform
Classroom teachers can identify ELLs, monitor progress, and share feedback with their teams.

Instruction & Strategies
Teachers have access to resources and essential practices that help deliver effective instruction for ELLs in the classroom.

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Address the needs of your ELs with confidence

With accountability for ELs now measured at the school level, it’s more important than ever for school principals to have the tools they need to make better decisions. Ellevation allows all educators and administrators to store and analyze EL data all in one platform.

Ellevation makes our job easier! As a department, we use it every day to review information at the campuses and determine how we can best support both teachers and kids.
Deb Tiejen, Coordinator

Differentiate instruction with skill and confidence

With Ellevation, teachers can do more of what they love – teaching. It’s easy to incorporate research-based instructional activities into any existing lesson to skillfully differentiate instruction for English learners. The platform also supports access to EL data, team-wide collaboration, and professional development initiatives.

I have had students this year who have come along so much faster than ELLs that I’ve had in previous years.
Patricia Martinez, Kindergarten Teacher

EL Coordinators
Less time on compliance, more time on instruction.

Ellevation reduces time spent on administrative tasks by more than 70%. Coordinators unify EL data sources, monitor student progress, generate reports for stakeholders, and more with a click of a button. The result: More time to focus on EL instruction and running a high-performance program.

My confidence has really grown in how to differentiate instruction for them. Next year, I hope I have more ELLs in my classes.
Tyler Chambers, 7th Grade Teacher

EL Specialists
Your voice, in every classroom

Every day, specialists make important EL decisions, ranging from program placements to service adjustments, testing and instructional accommodations, goal setting, exit decisions, and more. With Ellevation, this information can be recorded quickly and easily allowing every specialist to focus on teaching, not on paperwork.

Prior to Ellevation, we spent most of our time trying to pull together the data and crossing items off our compliance checklist. Now we’re able to quickly access information and have a more meaningful conversation.
Ivan Chaidez, Executive Director of Napa Valley USD

Curriculum + Instruction
All teachers can be teachers of language

Ellevation gives your schools the tools needed to differentiate instruction for each and every EL. Our digital platform saves school districts time offering a full range of reporting and compliance capability, in addition to providing over 80 classroom activities authored by the country’s top language acquisition experts, including Dr. Jeff Zwiers, Dr. Jana Echevarria and Dr. Tim Boals.

It is my job and my duty to pay it forward, much like was done for me.
Gracie Guerrero, Assistant Superintendent of Multilingual Programs

See the future of your ELL program today.

Ellevation’s web-based software platform is designed to make ELL administrators and educators more productive, collaborative, and effective. Find out how automated ELL program management, reporting, and compliance can help educators focus their time on instruction.

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