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Learner Program Data Management System for State of South Carolina

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Ellevation Chosen to Provide a Multilingual Learner Program Data Management System for State of South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) selected Ellevation Platform and Ellevation Strategies to support Multilingual Learner program management and professional learning solutions. “Ellevation will help educators in the State of South Carolina manage their Multilingual Learner programs from end-to-end and build the instructional skills of all teachers to support their students,” said Teddy Rice, president and Co-Founder of Ellevation. “We look forward to partnering with educators on the important work of helping all Multilingual Learners across the state to achieve their highest aspirations.”

About Ellevation Platform

Ellevation Platform provides end-to-end monitoring and instructional planning for multilingual students. South Carolina school districts will benefit by simplifying instructional decision-making to enable student success. It not only streamlines administrative processes, but provides easy access to student data to inform instructional decisions, allowing key stakeholders to collaborate on instructional planning and easily monitor student progress.

About Ellevation Strategies

Ellevation Strategies is an ESSA-aligned, scalable professional learning solution that can support any educator serving MLLs. Using a Learn Teach Reflect Model, South Carolina educators will build expertise in serving multilingual learners through modules covering a range of topics related to relevant language practices. South Carolina districts can seamlessly integrate these modules into their existing district goals and track educators’ progress and responses, making it easier to design support.

About Ellevation 

Ellevation, part of the Curriculum Associates family, is the nation’s leading software and services company serving Multilingual learners (MLs) for more than 10 years. Founded in 2011, Ellevation is a mission-driven web-based software company focused exclusively on Multilingual Learners (MLs) and the educators that serve them. They offer comprehensive solutions that help districts with ML data and instructional planning, professional learning, and academic language development. Currently, Ellevation serves more than 1,200 district partners and more than 3 million current and former ML students.