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ELL program management has never been easier.

The most comprehensive software specifically designed for ELL educators and the English Learners they serve.

Get to know your students in depth and at a glance

Get to know your students more deeply. Easily view a student’s level, status, history, and take and record notes. We capture everything you need to know about your ELLs, all in one place - imagine that.

“ Teachers who don’t understand second language acquisition don’t know how to meet the needs of English Language Learners. Ellevation provides teachers with the tools they need to build capacity for language instruction. 

Vicky Saldala, ESOL Director, Broward County Public Schools

Streamline administrative heavy processes

More than likely, a huge percentage of your team’s time is spent managing compliance needs and searching for student data. Ellevation lightens the burden by unifying disparate ELL data sources, capturing key ELL decisions, monitoring pre- and post-exit progress, and sharing information with stakeholders.

 When we want to look at aggregated data, or student progress over time, or outcomes for kids, or instructional plans… or anything we could possibly imagine, it’s housed in the tools of Ellevation. 

Dr. Karen Henery, ESL Director, Little Rock Schools

Enable effective collaboration between ESL/bilingual specialists and classroom teachers

Sharing student information is often time-consuming and inefficient. Ellevation supports customized digital monitoring forms for online completion, digital document uploads for student records, online feedback forms that are easy for teachers to complete, and more.

 With Ellevation, all the information is right at our fingertips. Our daily schedule is so busy that I might not have a chance to walk down to the ESL room to tell a teacher what happened in class, but I can make a note in Ellevation and it’s available for all teachers that have that student. 

Matt Wilson, 4th Grade Teacher, Alabaster City Schools

Inform & differentiate instruction for all ELLs

Ellevation offers over 80 classroom activities that teachers can incorporate into lessons, ensuring best-practice instruction for ELLs. Teachers are empowered to personalize instruction with key student information, language supports, and instructional resources.

Implement with fidelity and sustain the highest quality

Ellevation is committed to doing everything possible to help partners and ELLs succeed. We accomplish this through hands-on ELL expertise and real-world experience, as well as outstanding implementation support, training, customer service, and support. Our obsession with ELL success translates into quality outcomes for districts and students.

Custom plan for your district

Implementation includes strategic conversations focused on solutions that support the district. We ensure the software configurations and rollout are optimized to support specific partner needs.

Dedicated implementation team

We’ll connect you with a team of experienced education experts who are fully dedicated to helping your team build mastery of the tools and succeed.

Sustainable training solutions

From on-demand videos, to online workshops, to in-person trainings, you will have access to a suite of resources to help your district maximize our platform’s value and benefits.

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 We use Ellevation to support the requirements that we have to meet but more importantly we use it to design individual student plans to support academic learning and English language acquisition. 

Laura Grisso, District ELL/ESL Coordinator, Tulsa Public Schools


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Helping ELLs and educators flourish

Ellevation is committed to enabling every English Language Learner to achieve English proficiency as quickly as possible so that they’re free to pursue their highest aspirations. We’d love to learn more about how we can help your district’s students and educators achieve their goals.

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