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Introducing Highest Aspirations - Our New Podcast Series

What are the benefits and challenges associated with Dual Language Immersion programs? How can family and community engagement initiatives impact student achievement and bring diverse schools and communities together around shared interests? Why is it important to bridge the gap between research and practice as we work to better serve our students?

These are just some of the questions we’ll tackle on Season 1 of Highest Aspirations, where we engage in important conversations about our country’s most rapidly growing student demographic - English Language Learners. We’ll speak with educators and students, researchers and policy makers, and parents and community members about how we can help all students reach their highest aspirations. 

You can listen to our trailer and subscribe below before we release subsequent bi-weekly episodes beginning on March 28, 2018. Our first episodes will focus on Dual Language Learners and Dual Immersion programs. After that, we shift to Family and Community Engagement and instructional strategies that work for all students. Join us as we speak with researchers and practitioners who are experts on these topics and more. After releasing each episode, we'll post a summary right here on our blog.

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