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In Support of DACA and Dreamers

At Ellevation we are committed to ensuring that all children can achieve their highest aspirations. We partner with school districts and support teachers in their work to provide the very best education to all students from all backgrounds. We believe that supporting young people who work hard to achieve their dreams is good for America and is the decent and right thing to do.

For all these reasons, we should and must do everything possible to make sure that hard-working young people covered under DACA have a path to citizenship. We urge every member of Congress who values the future of American children, hard work, and playing by the rules to act immediately to support preserving DACA and to pass legislation providing a pathway for the Dreamers to attain citizenship.

We must all take action. We are heartened that a great majority of American citizens from both political parties are making their voices heard and showing strong support for ensuring these young people have a path to citizenship.  And everyone can play a role. Here are 3 things you can do immediately:

  1. Use this link to send a customized note to your Congressman and Senator urging them to sponsor or support the Dream Act today. They need to hear your voice.
  2. Learn about and get involved with a quality advocacy organization. Click to learn about United We Dream, the Immigrant Legal Resource Council, or National Immigration Law Center.
  3. Encourage your friends and neighbors to reach out to your elected officials.

We will continue to work with our community and provide support so that these young people who are studying, working, and contributing to their communities have the best shot at living their dreams.