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Visualize Success with Ellevation's New Instructional Strategy Videos

Methodically, the yellow pencil scratches twice vertically, then twice more horizontally. The student’s eyes move from the sticky note and the # symbol to the board where a scenic photo of a coastline hangs as she considers her hashtag. Soon students begin approaching the board, placing their sticky notes around the coastline, framing it with their knowledge, interpretations, and guesses.

#sunny     #grassyhills     #lotsofwater     #sunset


Good teaching comes from continual practice and meaningful observation. What if you could observe powerful instructional activities happening in a real classroom? What if teachers could easily visualize success and bring new, impactful practices to life in their classrooms?

The answer is here. We are excited to announce a growing collection of instructional videos to help you integrate these activities into your teaching practice. While every teacher’s approach to lesson planning is unique, we believe observing other educators in action can be transformative. The success you observe becomes reality in your classroom.

Our new videos, developed in collaboration with partner schools across the country, will enable you to better visualize and use activities that support ELLs developing language and learning grade-level content.

If you are an Ellevation partner with Instructional Strategies, log on and visit the activities below to begin transforming your teaching today.  

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