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At Ellevation, we develop world-class software to help school districts and educators support the fastest growing population of K-12 students: English Language Learners (ELLs). By combining great product, student data, and research on best practices, Ellevation helps school districts transform their EL programs and ensure all students can achieve their highest aspirations.

We are a fast-growing, mission-driven technology company, partnering with nearly 600 public school districts all across the country. We are well-capitalized, have a strong and growing team, and are continuously focused on how to build the best organization so that we can achieve our ambitious social and financial objectives.  

Our Mission

Ellevation helps English Language Learners realize their highest aspirations. The success of our nation’s underserved students is closely tied to effective teaching. To support hard-working and passionate educators, we develop solutions to improve instruction, enhance collaboration, and maximize impact. We constantly learn from educators, and the work we do reflects their insights. We will listen, innovate, and deliver.

Our Values

Service. We do whatever it takes to delight our partners. We support and share responsibility with the members of our team.

Continuous Learning. We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate. We are not afraid to make mistakes.  We learn from others and from our challenges & successes.

Persistence. The stakes are high for the students and educators we serve. We knock down barriers to ensure the long-term success of our partners.

Sustainability. We work smartly, take care of our team, and have fun in order to ensure the sustainability and success of our organization.

Live our Mission. We constantly ask how our choices support educators and improve outcomes for English Language Learners. Our passion for these students drives us to work with great urgency and to hold each other accountable.

We listen, innovate, and deliver.

Our Business Model

Ellevation is committed to creating enormous financial and social value by building a world-class, mission-driven SaaS company that commands overwhelming share in the market vertical we serve. In “winner take most” SaaS verticals like ours, the company who wins has pricing power, low customer acquisition costs, and strong brand attributes that yield long-lasting, high-value customer relationships. For these reasons, we set ambitious growth targets.  Our big, bold, achievable strategic goals go hand-in-hand with our mission: helping English Language Learners achieve their highest aspirations.  Indeed, we’ll only get there if we can demonstrably prove impact on educators and students.

Our Product

Ellevation is a software company focused exclusively on ELL students and the educators who serve them.  Our data management, compliance and instructional platform is used by nearly 600 school districts to streamline program management, enable effective collaboration among all stakeholders in a district, and to differentiate and improve instruction.  Districts using Ellevation spend less time trying to satisfy compliance-heavy administrative requirements and more time focused on delivering the instruction students need to realize their highest aspirations.

Ellevation was built by a team of former ELL Coordinators, teachers and technology experts with input from top language acquisition experts, including Jeff Zwiers, Stanford University Senior Researcher, and Jana Echevarria, the author of Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP).

Our Foundation

The foundation of Ellevation is our EL program management platform that districts use to:

  • Aggregate all ELL student data in one place, securely accessible from anywhere
  • Streamline time-intensive compliance processes
  • Record key programing and instructional decisions about ELLs and former ELLs, and disseminate that information to the student’s team through digital and printable reports
  • Support better decision-making with standard and custom reporting
  • Generate parental notification letters in 34 different languages with a single click

Most districts using the Ellevation program management platform also add the Collaborate and Strategies modules to support more effective instructional planning, provide classroom teachers more sustainable professional development, and improve instruction.

How we enable effective collaboration

Ellevation was developed to enable the type of effective collaboration between administrators, EL specialists, and classroom teachers that is typically found in most high-performance EL programs.  Some of the ways we do this is by providing:

  • Online access for classroom teachers to all key ELL student information, including English language proficiency progress, programing and instructional recommendations from the ELL team, and individualized student language plans
  • Online submission of ELL student monitoring updates
  • Communication tools allowing for effective collaboration between ELL department and teachers to more efficiently satisfy compliance requirements, and to plan and deliver instruction
  • A dashboard for EL specialists and classroom teachers to monitor student progress


How we help improve instruction

Ellevation helps educators teach language and content: the most effective way to improve English language proficiency.  We do this by providing:

  • 80 classroom activities that can be used across subject areas with any lesson to ensure ELLs learn language and can access content
  • Persistent PD to help classroom teachers skillfully and confidently adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students across the language proficiency continuum
  • Embedded supports, recommended for each ELL student based on proficiency levels, allowing for differentiated instruction using Ellevation activities
  • Instant views for classroom teachers, across content areas, of the various levels of scaffolded support needed by each of their students

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