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Ellevation in California

From English language (EL) program management to instructional support, Ellevation provides tools for California educators at every level.

Student Data Analysis: Ellevation allows Claremont Unified School District administrators and program specialists to distribute, collect, and analyze electronic versions of their teacher input forms, ELD report cards and RFEP monitoring forms.

While our district has access to a couple of really great data analysis tools, they don’t house all of the letters, reports, and data views that we need for our English Learner program. Schools had to ask the district for the EL-specific data. This person had this data and that person had that data,” Julie Olesniewicz, Director of Educational Services for Claremont Unified School District, shares.

Differentiate Instruction: With Ellevation, Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) was able to streamline administrative tasks for teachers in order to focus more time on differentiation and support teachers with EL instruction.

 “Our teachers already know what content to teach, but Ellevation Strategies now supports them with the how and equips every teacher with the tools they need to bring all levels of EL into any lesson” says Martha Cepida-Medina, Coordinator, at MVUSD. “Ellevation has allowed our department to have a huge impact on teachers and students across the district.”


Photo: Counties in California where Ellevation is implemented