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Adding Tools to EL Teachers' Toolboxes with Dr. Adrian Johnson

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Learning loss is a reality that many English learners face. Interrupted learning has long impacted many ELs' education, and remote schooling environments have largely exacerbated these gaps. In order to combat learning loss in ELs, schools must supply teachers with the tools necessary to better identify and address the needs of each individual student.

In this episode, we dive into specific examples of these tools, including:

  • Programs for assessing student progress and developing language skills
  • Technology for accelerating learning and empowering students to further their education outside of class
  • STEM-centered professional development and programs designed to motivate students toward developing foundational skills

We discuss all this and much more with Dr. Adrian Johnson, Superintendent of Schools in Hearne, Texas.  Dr. Johnson's district is 95.5 percent economically disadvantaged and faces unique challenges due to its rural location. Dr. Johnson is a regular contributor to Ellevation’s ELL Community. He has appeared on the In This Together docuseries as well as other episodes of Highest Aspirations. Dr. Johnson brings the important perspective of how rural school districts are working to best support their English learners.

During our conversation, we mention the following resources:

  • This article from The 74 Million that comments on the lack of explicit plans from districts on how they will address learning loss
  • Intervene, a program for collaboratively measuring learning loss and student progress 

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