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S1/E13: Using Technology to Engage ELL Families with Heejae Lim

What are some of the barriers to family engagement in underserved communities? How can using technology help educators better engage with families of English Language Learners? How do we go about changing mindsets and perceptions of families who may not have had positive experiences with formal education or those who have limited education in US schools?

We discuss these questions and more in our conversation with Heejae Lim. Heejae is the founder and Executive Director of Talking Points, an educational technology company whose mission is to drive student success in low-income, diverse areas through building strong partnerships across parents, schools, and communities. As she mentions in the episode, Heejae was influenced to start the company by her personal experience as a Korean immigrant living in London. We get into that and much more in our conversation.

This episode adds another layer to our previous conversations about family and community engagement with Stephany Cuevas and Renata Germino. Integrating common technology that is widely used can make a big difference in meeting families where they are, especially when coupled with the ability to translate messages.
During the episode, we mention the following orgnaizations, people, resources:

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