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S1/E14: ESSA's Impact on ELL Programs With David Holbrook of TransACT

What are the implications of ESSA on ELL programs and instruction? What specifically are Title I and Title III administrators going to observe in the coming months? And how about principals and teachers? How is the K-12 world we know going to change in 2018-2019?

We discuss these questions and more as Ellevation President and Co-Founder Teddy Rice sits down with Dr. David Holbrook of TransACT. Teddy is our in-house policy wonk, so handing the mic over to him led to a rich conversation with David.  Listen to the conversation below.

This episode is just the beginning of our commitment to share important information and perspectives on ESSA and its implications on ELL programs and instruction. There will be much more to follow as we begin the new school year. Stay connected to the ELL Community for the updates you need as new policies directly impact the important work you are doing.
During the episode, David referenced the following resources to learn more about ESSA and his work at TransACT:

Learn more about David's work and ESSA by checking out the following resources in the ELL Community:

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