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S1/E2: Dual Language (Part 2)

What are some of the key factors in establishing and nurturing dual immersion programs? How can dual language schools attract and retain qualified educators in the midst of a national teacher shortage for these programs? How do dual language immersion programs transcend bilingualism and approach global citizenship and cultural awareness?

In Episode 1 we began a conversation about dual language learners and programs with Dr. Conor P. Williams. In this episode, we hear a school leader's perspective with Daniela Anello, Head of School at D.C. Bilingual Public Charter School in Washington D.C. The school is a learning community that ensures high academic achievement for all students in both Spanish and English, develops leadership, and values all cultures.

During our conversation, Daniela discusses some of the most important structures and processes that need to be in place when designing a program that not only promotes bilingualism, but also cultural awareness and leadership. She also provides actionable advice on how to recruit and retain quality teachers and how to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with community and outside organizations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about DC Bilingual or strategies for implementing successful dual language programs, Daniela has graciously offered to communicate with anyone interested in learning more. You can reach out to her at and/or check out the school’s website at

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