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S1/E20: Music, Technology, and ELLs with Sarah Minette

How can making and sharing music bring together diverse groups of students? What skills does an educator need to incorporate tech tools to help students create culturally relevant and academically appropriate products? How can teachers of any subject leverage the power of music and technology nurture strong classroom and school communities? We discuss these questions and more with Sarah Minette.

Sarah has taught for 14 years in public schools. She currently teaches a variety of music classes at Minneapolis South High School-a very large and diverse school in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sarah is in the process of developing as many classes as possible to create multiple access points for students at South to experience music education.

When Sarah is not busy teaching at South High, she spends her time as a doctoral candidate through Arizona State University.  Sarah has presented her research at local and national venues, including the National Association for Music Education Research Conference, the Feminist Theory and Music Conference, the Society for Music Teacher Education Symposium, and the New Directions Conference.

During out conversation, we referenced the following resources:

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