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S1/E23: Blended Strategies for Sharing Best Practices in EL Instruction, with Bret Gosselin


How might we leverage technology to facilitate collaboration and professional development across educational teams working with ELLs? What are some simple tech tools that can be used to bring EL stakeholders together easily and efficiently? How might we overcome the fear of using new tools to increase collaboration?

We discuss these questions and much more in our conversation with Bret Gosselin. Bret has been a high school educator serving ELs for thirteen years. During that time he has worked with newcomers through LTELs both as a teacher and a specialist. He is passionate about seeing these students meet with success and loves collaborating with teachers in attaining this shared vision.  Bret currently serves as EL Instructional Specialist at Garland ISD in Texas. 

Bret does a great job describing his strategies and tech toolkit in a way that will give listeners the confidence to enhance their own work. He has deliberately chosen only a few key tools so as not to overwhelm his team - or listeners of this episode!

During our conversation, Bret and I referenced the following resources:

Here are some samples of the videos Bret has created using Wistia Soapbox for Ellevation Instructional Strategies:

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