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S1/E9: School Leadership with Ruben Alonzo of Excelencia Charter Academy

What does it take to build a new school from the ground up in a high ELL demographic area? How do school leadership and mission-driven initiatives impact the culture of the school? How does a new school recruit, train, and retain highly qualified teachers to work with underserved populations?

We discuss these questions and much more with Ruben Alonzo, Founder of Excelencia Charter Academy in East Los Angeles, California. Ruben talks with us about how his profound personal and professional experiences influenced him to leave Texas and start his own school in Los Angeles. During the conversation, we learn about leadership, planning, professional development, and innovative school models. Just as importantly, Ruben’s unbridled passion and dedication to this work serves as an inspiration for anyone who works with underserved communities.

Our conversation with Ruben serves as reminder of the power of empathy, equal opportunity, and effective school leadership. We unravel how these qualities have helped Ruben and his colleagues build Excelencia Charter Academy from the ground up in one of the most underserved areas of Los Angeles. Just as importantly, the conversation is relevant to anyone who works in a school that serves English Language Learners. 

Feel free to contact Ruben or other school representatives on Excelencia's website. You can also make a donation while you're there. 
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