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S2/E17: The Seal of Biliteracy in Washington State - Equity, Access, and Implementation

How can state level agencies help promote the successful implementation of the Seal of Biliteracy in school districts? Why is it important to track data on who is earning the seal, and how might organizations go about doing it? What are some ways to ensure equitable access to the seal of biliteracy for all students and how are states like Washington providing resources to make that happen? We discuss these questions and much more in our conversation with Angela Davila and Patty Finnegan from Washington State’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Angela Davila is the WA state World Language Program Supervisor, OSPI.  Previously she coordinated foreign language programs worldwide for the Department of Defense Education Activity in Arlington, VA. She has also served as World Language Curriculum

Coach/Developer for the Bellevue School District, World Language Facilitator for the Highline School District, and Spanish teacher in Bellevue and Highline school districts for a total of 26 years. She also directed Language Immersion Camps in five languages at Camp Waskowitz in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains while working in the Highline District.

Patty’s work as a teacher, teacher educator, state-level administrator, and educational researcher continues to be fueled by her passion to serve traditionally marginalized students. She has led professional learning on effective program development and instructional practices for English learners and students with disabilities. Patty serves as Special Projects Program Supervisor with the Washington State’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Migrant & Bilingual Education office and facilitates Washington’s K-12 Dual Language Initiative.

During our conversation, we referenced the following resources:

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