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S2/E20: Collaborating with Content Teachers - Co-Planning, Co-Teaching, and More with Tan Huynh

How might EL Specialists establish and nurture relationships with content teachers who work with ELs? What are some simple strategies that can help make co-planning and co-teaching easier for all  kinds of teachers? How can we encourage content teachers allow their EL students to create as a more effective way of learning. We discuss these questions and much more in this lively conversation Tan Huynh.

Tan Huynh (@TanELLclassroom) is a career teacher specializing in language acquisition.  Tan has taught students from fifth to twelfth grade in public schools, private boarding schools, and charter schools.  Internationally, Tan has taught in schools in China, Laos, and Vietnam. He shares teaching strategies on his blog, Empowering ELLs, and has provided professional development training in places such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, and Canada. Tan’s goal is to support all teachers who are committed to empowering English learners whether it be in a tweet, a blog post, a book, a training, a course, or over coffee. Currently, he and others are preparing for the third annual VirtuEL conference, which is open to anyone for free online on Saturday, June 15th from 9am to noon eastern time. You can find out more about the conference by visiting

During our conversation, we reference the following books and resources:

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