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Supporting Newcomers and Refugee Students and Uplifting Communities with Rebecca Masters

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Newcomers and refugee students face a set of unique challenges in and out of the classroom. There are a number of ways that educators and community groups can support these students with academic growth, social emotional learning, and building connections within their communities.

We sat down with Rebecca Masters, Senior Youth Coordinator for New American Pathways, an Atlanta based nonprofit with the mission of helping refugees and Georgia thrive. Our conversation with Rebecca focuses on educational services that supplement the amazing work schools are doing to support their newcomers.

Listen to the full episode here or on Spotify, and find guided questions and where to learn more about Rebecca's work in the show notes below.

Guided Listening Questions:

  1. What supports can a designated immigrant/refugee program provide for students and families that go beyond what a typical school or district may be providing and lower students' affective filter during classroom participation opportunities?

  2. What can we learn from educators who have worked with SIFE students and newcomers - particularly when it comes to social-emotional needs, and how can we apply it in our classrooms now?

  3. How are refugees actively benefiting or improving the communities they are in, and in turn how can community partnerships play a vital role in supporting refugee students and families?

Learn more:

  • New American Pathways shares a vision for new Americans in metro Atlanta to become successful, contributing, and welcomed members of Georgia’s communities. They fulfill these goals by offering the most comprehensive, fully integrated continuum of services targeted to meet the specific needs of refugees and other immigrants in Georgia. Their services support new Americans on their individual pathways from arrival through citizenship with programs that focus on four key milestones along the pathway – Safety & Stability, Self-Sufficiency, Success, and Service. Programs work in concert to guide new Americans on their individual pathways to long-term success.

  • Follow New American Pathways on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Visit their website to learn more about how you can be involved in the work they do.

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