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Product Description & Details

What is Ellevation Math?

An online learning program to help secondary English Learners acquire the academic language needed to engage in rigorous academic math content.

Does Ellevation Math teach math skills and academic language?

Ellevation Math provides students with the academic language needed to access the Math skills taught in the classroom. Language is introduced in the context of problem-solving to facilitate conceptual understanding and support transfer.

Is Math the only subject for which you offer an academic language product?

Yes, for now. We’re excited to work with our partners who use the product on ways we can extend it in the future.

In what grade levels is Ellevation Math used?

Grades 3-9.

Is Ellevation Math only for English Learners?

No. While schools use Ellevation Math primarily to address the academic language needs of their English Learners, the program also benefits reclassified former ELs (who often face similar challenges with academic language), and native English speakers. 

Purchasing & Product Differentiation

Do I need to be an Ellevation Platform user to buy Ellevation Math?

No, you can buy it as a stand-alone product but we hope districts choose to combine it with our data and instructional planning platform and teacher capacity building solutions to realize the full power of Ellevation. With the combined solution, schools and districts not only receive a more powerful academic language solution, they also can connect comprehensive data, student learning resources, and best-practice strategies for classroom instruction.

What’s the difference between Ellevation Math and other supplemental Math products available?

Unlike other programs, Ellevation Math puts the emphasis on building math language. The unique value of Ellevation Math is that it gives language learners a place to prepare to participate, giving them the language and the context to excel in math lessons. The other products focus on math instruction/practice, and sometimes even replace/augment classroom instruction. Ellevation Math prepares students to access content before instruction so you don’t need to intervene after.

Standards & Integration with Other Programs

To what standards Is Ellevation Math aligned?

Ellevation is aligned to most states’ standards.

Can the academic language taught by Ellevation Math be aligned to the scope and sequence of any core math curriculum?

Yes. The tools in Ellevation Math enable teachers and districts to organize Primers so that they align with the scope and sequence of any digital or print resource. This means that Ellevation Math works well alongside these digital programs just as well as it works alongside print textbook programs.

Does Ellevation Math work better with certain core Math programs?

Ellevation Math is a great compliment to any math program. It is aligned to your state’s standards and allows educators to sequence the primers based on when they’re teaching a given topic or standard. There are tools that enable districts and teachers to adjust the order to align with particular programs or district curriculum maps as appropriate. Ellevation Strategies is also a great way to bring language supports and routines to those math programs/textbooks.

Does Ellevation Math replace other vocabulary programs we use in our district/school?

It’s important for students to learn vocabulary in context. Most vocabulary programs do not teach specific Math vocabulary in the context of word problems similar to the problems that  students will see on summative tests. Ellevation Math is currently not a replacement for any vocabulary programs ELA, Science or Social Studies teachers might use.

Classroom Integration & Technology

How/when is this used in the classroom, or is it assigned as homework?

Current districts have used a variety of implementation approaches including assigning the content as homework or using the content during designated study time or in before/after school settings. It also works well as a small group or station activity to kick off class. We work with you to find the best implementation model for your math classrooms.

What technology is required to use this? Do we have to be 1:1?

Ellevation Math can be used with a computer (including Chromebooks), tablets, and smartphones. It was designed from the start to provide a consistent experience between those types of devices. Because the product and student progress is stored securely in the cloud, a student does not need a dedicated device. The application is web-based and not an app that needs to be downloaded, deployed, and maintained.