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All teachers can be teachers of language

Give your classroom teachers the confidence they need to differentiate instruction for ELs.

Strengthen and reinforce your core curriculum in all subjects

Advance English Language Learner access to grade-level curriculum alongside their native English speaking peers using our research-based instructional strategies and activities. Ellevation’s activities integrate more authentic reading, writing, listening, and speaking opportunities into every content lesson.

Bolster district-wide instructional initiatives for ELs

Provide high-quality instructional resources across schools, grade levels, and content teams with fidelity and consistency. Layer Ellevation Instructional Strategies into existing initiatives such as SIOP, GLAD, Danielson, CREDE and QTEL. Provide instructional coaches across the disciplines with strategies that impact language and content learning for all students

Improve teacher practice and confidence

Engage all teachers with job-embedded professional development that can be customized by student, classroom, school, or district need with Ellevation. Create collaborative learning communities focused on continuous teaching strategies driven by student need and achievement and highlight evidence of effective instructional practice using consistent PD content across grade-levels and schools.

Increase EL student language and content achievement

With Ellevation, you can equip all teachers with access to ELs proficiency levels, proficiency descriptors, and language goals. From there, track student progress, set informed goals and share classroom accommodations with all relevant teachers. Create a classroom culture of rigorous content learning and authentic communication reflective of college and career readiness standards, while helping teachers differentiate using best-practice classroom activities aligned to individual student language proficiency needs.

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