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Your voice, in every classroom

With Ellevation, every one of your teachers will be a teacher of language.

Your decisions, streamlined

Every day you make important decisions about ELs: program placements, service adjustments, meetings, testing and instructional accommodations, goal setting, and exit decisions. Ellevation makes recording this information – year over year – a snap!

The information you need, right now

From ELP assessment results to monitoring forms from classroom teachers, you need access to information to support your decisions about your ELs. Ellevation puts this information at your fingertips, giving you confidence that you’re helping your ELs reach their highest aspirations.

Compliance-heavy administrative processes, simplified

By eliminating the need to hunt down student data, tediously compile reports and forms, and constantly gather information from teachers, Ellevation allows you to focus on what you do best: provide instruction and support to your ELs.

Job-embedded professional development for all classroom teachers

Share and assign research-based activities that all classroom teachers can easily incorporate into existing lessons that will build their capacity to skillfully differentiate instruction for English language learners.

Share your success

You work hard to improve outcomes for your ELs. Ellevation's reports and dashboards let you share your decisions and EL progress with everyone in your school, and your district.

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