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Address the needs of your ELs with confidence.

At last, a system for principals to support ELs.

Use data to make site-based decisions

When you have the right data, you can make the right decisions. With Ellevation, you’ll always have the most up to date information on your ELs and their needs, allowing you to make informed decisions to promote student growth, such as ensuring the right number of classes are scheduled for students needing ELD supports.

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Keep your students on track all year long

With accountability for ELs now measured at the school level, per ESSA legislation, it’s more important than ever for you to have the tools you need to glean insights about your students. Ellevation’s powerful set of tools enables you to identify trends on your campus and make key decisions to promote EL success.

Build teachers’ confidence in EL instruction

With Ellevation, all of your teachers can become teachers of language. Work with your teachers to create differentiated, high quality language plans for ELs using best practice classroom activities. Align these plans to campus priorities to engage all teachers with job-embedded professional development customized for every classroom.

Keep families informed

Ellevation makes it easier than ever to share students’ progress with their families at parent meetings. With student data, forms, and teacher feedback accessible all in one place, you can feel confident in sharing the most relevant information to your students’ families.

Understand your campus demographics

Understand your campus’ changing demographic data year over year. With Ellevation, it’s easy to track and report your campus’ most common language or birth countries, the number of LEP students, or report out on refugee trends, allowing you to celebrate diversity in your classrooms.

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