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Professional Learning

As the number of ELs continues to grow, all teachers must develop the capacity to teach language through content so students can build language proficiency and gain the necessary academic knowledge.

Differentiate with skill and confidence

Ellevation Strategies is an effective and easy-to-use instructional resource that enables teachers to differentiate instruction for students in a variety of multilingual programs in all grades and content areas. Ellevation offers more than 80 classroom activities that all classroom teachers can easily incorporate into existing lessons, regardless of grade level and subject, ensuring best-practice instruction for making language and content accessible to every learner.

Engage ELs

The activities represent powerful teaching techniques that empower teachers to make grade-level content accessible for ELs while engaging all students in sound pedagogical practices. In a classroom using Ellevation, students will better develop language proficiencies and progress on the path to reclassification and grade-level mastery of content.

Strengthen your Dual Language program

  • View English and Spanish assessment data side-by-side on dashboards to track growth and better plan instruction for both target groups in your program.
  • Utilize Instructional activities, including downloads, professionally transadapted into Spanish, to support teachers to promote the high academic achievement pillar of DL.
  • Address the bilingualism/biliteracy and socio-cultural competency pillars of DL through professional Practices and instructional activities developed in collaboration with Dr. José Medina and Dr. Sonia Soltero.

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Ellevation Strategies