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Learn the academic language necessary to access rigorous, grade-level math content

Ellevation Math teaches key mathematical vocabulary and concepts through direct instruction, taught in-context and with appropriate EL scaffolds. It directly addresses grade-level math standards using technology to enable unique content that is both accessible and rigorous.

Prepare to participate meaningfully in math class

Ellevation Math provides the receptive language students need to understand math classroom content and the vocabulary they need to participate in discourse with classmates. Beyond just computing, students are talking and interacting in a language-rich math class where all students communicate and engage in meaning making using all four language domains.

Practice in all four language domains - speaking, writing, reading and listening

Integrated into the flow of each Primer are opportunities for students to read and listen to text read aloud and practice using newly acquired language. Students practice using the academic vocabulary in written or spoken forms developing expressive language skills and preparing themselves for class. Prompts are differentiated by English language proficiency ensuring students are provided appropriate question types.

Open doors to Enriching Experiences and Meaningful Careers

Better performance in math is linked with opportunities for accelerated learning, such as gifted and talented classes where ELs are currently underrepresented. Access to enrichment and G&T programs are key contributors to future success including entrance into higher learning and STEM careers. It’s not just about scores, it’s about providing our English Learners with the foundation and ability to reach their highest aspirations.