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Differentiate instruction with skill and confidence

Easily incorporate research-based instructional activities into any existing lesson to skillfully differentiate instruction for English learners.

Know your ELs

Gain a deeper understanding of your students' backgrounds and language proficiency to help them access the content of your classroom. Use Ellevation to instantly group students based on ability, group your highs with lows, and make your lessons effective for all students in your classroom.

Access instructional resources to more effectively support your ELs

Teach language through content, the most effective way to teach language. Regardless of your subject area, our digital toolkit of over 80 classroom activities allow you to easily incorporate language instruction into existing content lessons.

Collaborate with colleagues to drive student success

Ellevation breaks down the silos in your district and brings together all stakeholders in service of helping ELs succeed. Whether you need to engage with the EL team, save time on paperwork, or provide more informed feedback, Ellevation provides you the tools to streamline these processes and make collaboration more effective.

Provide your English learners equal access to rigorous, grade level math content

Many English Learners lack the academic language needed to participate actively and succeed in math class. Vocabulary instruction in mathematics is recognized as a critical piece in helping students engage in mathematical thinking, problem-solving and learning. However, math teachers struggle to find the instructional time to teach the vocabulary that will prepare ELs to better access the content. This is where Ellevation Math comes in.

Ellevation Math is an online student-facing program that uses a unique approach of front-loading key math vocabulary and concepts within the context of solving math problems while providing practice in all four language domains - speaking, writing, reading and listening. By assigning Ellevation Math to their students, teachers prepare students with the academic math language they need to participate in class and to access rigorous, grade-level content.

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