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The Ellevation Platform provides unparalleled resources to support the compliance needs of English Learner programs in Indiana, while giving some of our most at-risk learners the best chance to succeed. Join other Indiana districts turning to Ellevation products to get insight into Program Performance and Student Growth, to Save Time and Ensure Accuracy, and to Make Informed English Learner Service Decisions.

Ellevation is Much More Than Just a Checklist


Program Performance and Student Growth

Ellevation Platform IILP*
  • Easily track language proficiency, analyze sub-populations (i.e. LTELs, Dually Identified, etc.), share insights district-wide, and make informed decisions about goals and progress.
  • Compare 2+ years of ACCESS Scores to see calculated growth/regression in all four domains and composite (proficiency level and scale score growth). Also compare and analyze ISTEP, iReady, NWEA MAP, and other assessment scores.
  • Student data is easily available to help content-area teachers scaffold instruction for the English Language Learners in their classes.
  • No growth or performance data analysis available

Ellevation Will Save Time and Ensure Accuracy


Data Entry & Batch Actions  

Ellevation Platform IILP*
  • Batch assign programs, services, testing accommodations, goals, and more - whether for a single, a group, or all students. 
  • Filter by ACCESS Domain and assign appropriate WIDA-aligned goals that are provided in a goal bank.
  • Generate all ILPs/translated Parent Letters for the entire district in one click.
  • ILPs and Parent Letters are fully customizable and offer a user-friendly, drag and drop interface. Share custom ILPs/letters templates with staff in batch.


  • Significant manual entry of components of ILP, including the addition of student rosters.
  • No batch assignment functionality. Requires most of the ILP to be hand entered one by one. 
  • No district-specific customization.


Ellevation Will Help You Make Informed EL Service Decisions


Monitoring Form Workflow

Ellevation Platform IILP*
  • Forms are customizable and can be emailed to teachers automatically to then be digitally completed and stored within the student record.
  • Content teachers are already connected to their rosters through SIS automation.
  • Users have the ability to track what forms are assigned and submitted, and send reminders. 
  • Users can filter for forms where the teacher has flagged that a student needs attention, making Monitoring Forms also actionable. 
  • Can be used for more than Former EL Monitoring. You can also gain insight on your LTELs and active ELs. 
  • Forms can be filled out in the IILP, but cannot be sent directly to teachers via email.
  • Forms are not customizable and offer very basic input questions.


Your educators need more than just a data platform to change the trajectory for striving English Learners. Take a peek at Ellevation Strategies and Ellevation Math to see how we can help all of your classroom teachers use data to drive instruction and student achievement.

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*Note: IILP Information Subject to Change