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Check out these 4 exciting Ellevation product enhancements


Coming this back-to-school season to Ellevation: a brand new Student List page, an easier way to find relevant instructional activities, an overall improved look and feel, and new interactive courses available in Ellevation Academy. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the 4 exciting Ellevation updates coming to you soon:

#1: A New and More Robust Student List

New SL2 Main GIF.gif

We are thrilled to announce a new and more robust student list which will be available to all partners by Monday, August 6th! In addition to displaying your students based on an expanded set of filters, the new student list will also let you add charts, customize fields, share views with Ellevation users across the district and complete certain tasks like scheduling meetings or generating parent letters.

The purpose of the new student list is to allow educators to quickly complete any tasks involving data on their ELL students, whether that’s configuring a set of simple filters to return a specific group of students, or easily viewing breakdowns of student data by key fields.

You can continue to focus your district on EL instructional performance by highlighting gaps and sharing insights with EL stakeholders across your district. You can now proactively respond to your state’s ESSA requirements and support your principal with tools from the new student list to meet their accountability requirements.

In other words, users will have much more flexibility to customize their experience and save a ton of time in the process.

The new student list will replace the existing student list experience after Back to School, but there are many benefits to using the new student list now.

#2: Ellevation Strategies: Easily Find the Right Instructional Activity

From our work with educators across the country and our collaboration with our Instructional Advisory Board, we have discovered that while classroom teachers want to differentiate instruction for ELLs, they don’t always have time or they are mostly focused on finding instructional resources through a content lens.

That’s why we’ve made it even easier for teachers to find research-based instructional activities by adding the ability to search by subject area, content topics, grade level, keywords, and standards.

Now, a sixth grade science teacher can find activities that will engage ELLs (and all students) on describing properties of matter and the second grade teacher can find activities that support students learning about school communities.

And for teachers who prefer to find activities through a language path, they can still search by our Practices: Fostering Interactions, Building Background, Develop Academic Language, etc.

To learn more about Ellevation Strategies, send us a note or check out this guide to differentiated instruction.  

#3: Access New Courses in Ellevation Academy

From videos to webinars, we will help you keep learning. Ellevation Academy is a content library with a variety of learning paths designed to improve skills and boost confidence in using Ellevation. Additional courses this year include a revised Ellevation Basics course that covers the new student list and several other tutorials focused on building administrator confidence with monitoring forms, meetings, and administrative settings.

For more information on Ellevation Academy, reach out to us today.

#4: Check Out The Improved Ellevation Look and Feel!

In the spirit of the 2018-2019 school year, Ellevation wants to look its best and has an improved look for Back to School! When you log in, you'll notice the navigation bar across the top of the screen has 3 consolidated menus: Students, Reports, and Instruction (if you have purchased Ellevation Strategies for your district.)

These improvements will allow you to:

  • Navigate seamlessly through Ellevation by using the search bar to search for more than just students - you can now search for instructional activities
  • Have more digital real estate space to do things like chart your student data
  • Load the site more quickly


That’s all for now! As always, we’ll keep you posted on features and updates as they become available. Which features or improvements are you liking the most? Tell us in the comments below.