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ELD-aligned modules & strategies for California educators

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Ellevation Strategies is updating its library of 34 professional learning modules and associated strategies to align with California policy and practice, including the ELA/ELD Framework.

At Ellevation, our goal is to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills to support English Learners. With our product Ellevation Strategies, a leading professional development solution, we help prepare educators to best support their English learners (ELs).

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our research-based, job-embedded professional modules are being updated to align to and support Integrated and Designated ELD in California. This was done in collaboration with WestEd, a national leader in research, development, and service.

Updated with California policy and practices in mind

The updated modules will be aligned to California’s ELD standards, language assessments, and the EL Roadmap so that EL administrators can incorporate Ellevation Strategies into their professional learning programs. 

We’re starting with four modules from the Deepening Comprehension pathway, which supports the collaborative and interpretive modes of communication through listening and reading.

CA strategies (3).png

Ellevation Strategies will update its entire 34 module PD library by Summer 2024 to support California educators. 

Here’s how we’re improving our product to better support California educators:

  • We’re incorporating California-specific data points into module dashboards and insights to help educators better interpret and act on ELPAC test data
  • We’re providing guidance on when and how to use a variety of EL strategies to support both integrated or designated ELD instruction 
  • Finally, we’re updating our demonstration videos to feature California experts or examples to ensure educators learn and understand California policies and practices

Prepare California educators to support and fuel EL student growth

With these updates to our modules, teachers will have access to the best practices and on-demand modules focused on the needs of their ELs. By completing these modules independently or collaborating together in existing groups like PLCs, EL teams can help their educators to:

  • Navigate their roles as integrated and designated ELD instructors with actionable practices and support 
  • Differentiate instructional strategies for their ELs by showcasing CA-specific data points, like ELPAC tests, that provide insights into the ELD continuum for ELs in their classroom 
  • Develop knowledge and skills to support their EL students and reflect on their learnings per California-specific policy and practices anytime, anywhere

Ellevating together

We know that equipping educators with the right training and tools is key for impacting student outcomes. As teachers' capacity evolves to meet the dynamic needs of our growing population of ELs, we’re excited to grow alongside them. 

We look forward to continuing to offer the best possible support to our partners. as we work together toward  our common mission of helping our ELs reach their highest aspirations!