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Empower Educators: Strategies Module of the Month professional learning series

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Discover opportunities for professional growth with our new professional learning series - Module of the Month: Empower Educators. Each month, we’ll focus on one Ellevation Strategies module and activity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to drive equitable outcomes for ELs.

Download the Module of the Month guide and discuss your instructional strategies in PLCs, principal meetings, or other collaborative workshops. 

Ellevation Strategies’ April module: Introduction to Fortify Output

Foster classroom environments that encourage students to produce clear, confident output through both speaking and writing. Our Introduction to Fortify Output module prepares educators to guide students on their journey to expressing their complete ideas with confidence. The included content highlights the importance of providing opportunities for students to practice making their output stronger and clearer with each response.

Introduction to Fortify Output (1).png

During this series, we'll also highlight a ready-to-go activity to implement in classrooms.

Imagine this - a classroom with students teaching their peers about essential content while using academic language. Students are engaged in practicing academic vocabulary and building their confidence in the content and language. 

Our Activity of the Month, Jigsaw, provides teachers the structure to incorporate content-based reading and speaking practice to help their students feel confident using academic language when discussing content with their peers. 

Students work in groups to become topic “experts” and then share their learnings with a different small group. This gives students an opportunity to practice speaking to express complete ideas with their expert group before teaching peers about their topic with confidence.

The Ellevation Educator Facebook Group is a place to learn how educators across the nation help students fortify their output. Contribute your experiences and ask questions.

   We recently posted Module of the Month discussion questions for the Facebook Group: 

  • What content lends itself to students becoming a topic expert? Do you provide time for meaningful conversations between peers?
  • What is an effective lesson you’ve used to fortify output?

  We provide examples for grade-level content in our Examples tab in the Jigsaw activity page.