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Company Offsites

We make it a priority to bring all employees together two times each year for two-day company offsites.  Our company offsites are valuable in many ways. They provide an opportunity for us to gather and to spend time with each other and get to know new members of the organization. Given the importance of strong relationships at work, the time an offsite provides to have meals together and more represents an important investment in the team. Company offsites also provide an opportunity to improve alignment. We can communicate key messages, ensure everyone is hearing the same thing, and discuss to ensure clarity. And company offsites provide a great opportunity for professional development, especially when everyone in the company would benefit from the same type of training or support (ex. a session on how to give feedback). 

Demo Fridays

It’s important that we continue to have insight into each other’s work and celebrate what we’ve accomplished so far. Every Friday at 4:00pm, we gather our Boston-based and remote teams (on Zoom) to see demos from in-flight work from various members of DevPro (our Engineering and Product teams). 

All Hands Meeting

We take 30 minutes once each month to get the entire company together.  It’s a great time for us to introduce new hires, share values nominations, and get quick and important updates from each team and our Co-Founders.  Once a quarter we extend this meeting to 1 hour and provide more depth on quarterly performance updates. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ellevation, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility should be an integral part of business so we have developed our program to support our company values.

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