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How We Work

We value and believe in having a group of diverse individuals to make our team stronger.  We strive to provide equal employment opportunities and a discrimination and harassment free workplace through our ADA, EEO, and anti-harassment/sexual harassment policies.  We believe in paying our employees properly and providing a safe work environment for all.  We have the following policies to protect our employees and our business.

Our Work Policies

Where We Work

Ellevation headquarters is located in Boston, MA in the heart of Downtown Crossing.  More than half of our team lives and works remotely in other states.  We work hard to ensure our remote team is engaged and connected to others by using communication and engagement tools like Zoom, Slack, and Happiness at Work for annual engagement surveys. 

Where We Work

Work From Home

Ellevation understands the need for some flexibility to occasionally work from home to address personal needs and/or focus on heads-down type work without interruptions.