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Feedback Philosophy

We believe in on-going feedback and that feedback should flow in all directions not just top-down.  We hire people who desire feedback and want to grow.  Therefore we have eliminated our annual review and created tools to support continuous feedback throughout the year.  To get insight into the engagement of our individuals and teams we use bi-weekly pulse surveys and annual engagement surveys.  We aim for a high level of transparency in giving feedback and share and discuss highlights and comments with all of our teams.  

Insight Meetings

Monthly Insight Meetings provide an opportunity to align on performance and expectations, go beyond talking about tasks and projects, and to ask/answer questions designed to drive performance.  Employees and Managers ask questions like “What’s one thing you want to highlight from this month that went well?” or “What’s one way I could work better with you?”.  We provide a sample set of questions as a framework to help facilitate these monthly conversations, but there is a lot of freedom in that framework to customize how you use these meetings.  

Discovery Meetings

We believe performance is a combination of results & behavior. We use results to describe what gets done and behaviors to describe how the work gets done. Our core values serve as a baseline for how we evaluate our behavior.  Most importantly, we believe that what gets accomplished is as important as how it is accomplished.

With these beliefs we meet with our managers twice a year for a Discovery Meeting.  We self diagnose our current level of results and behavior on a Discovery Meeting chart and then meet with our manager to discuss their assessment and any variances on our charts.  

OKRs - Objectives & Key Results

We believe OKRs should be ambitious and help push us to exceed our goals each year.  Company OKRs are set on an annual basis to support the company priorities and strategic plan.  Team OKRs are then developed across teams collaboratively to support the company OKRs.  Then departments set Individual OKRs to support the Team OKRs.  Each quarter teams meet to make any necessary updates to quarterly OKRs and to evaluate past quarter achievement.  Objectives are defined as the qualitative goal for the quarter.  Key results are defined as the quantitative outcomes for the objective.  

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