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Program management and instructional planning for MLs

Ensure your MLs are supported through high-quality ELD programs with WIDA Access score analysis, multilingual student plans, ML/Exited progress monitoring, translated parent letters, Washington's WIDA transition (PLDs, etc.), and other key initiatives that accelerate achievement.

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An introduction to Ellevation Platform


You can find us in these Washington districts:

Kennewick    Kent    Issaquah     Evergreen    Richland

“Ellevation has given our district the tools to strengthen our meaningful access to content through individualized teacher PD and a data platform that has streamlined our compliance procedures. Now we are able to focus our attention where it belongs - on instruction.”

- Multilingual Learner Specialist, Richland School District

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ML program data
Target instruction using consolidated data

Unified WIDA, SBA, and benchmark data allow all educators to take informed action. Easily import data, create targeted groupings, plan instructional support, and track growth over time.

Streamline ML and exited monitoring

Digital monitoring forms enable your team to efficiently gather and act on educator input. Configurable workflows allow you to set due dates, automate form distribution, send reminders, and review responses.

Generate ML student plans and parent letters

Quickly generate critical documents from parent letters to configurable student plans in 40+ languages. Parent letters auto-loaded with important data and embedded address labels simplify the communication process.

Transition to WIDA

Dynamic data views, student progress monitoring, and trackable Proficiency Level Descriptors set your team up to accomplish the WIDA 2020 Big Ideas.

In just three months, Ellevation has allowed each of our ML teachers to manage student data efficiently and create goals that make an impact on the success of our students on a daily basis. We cannot recommend Ellevation enough and are beyond excited to see what else it will bring to the table in the future!”

- Multilingual Learner Specialist, Issaquah School District

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Implement with fidelity and sustain the highest quality

Ellevation is committed to doing everything possible to help educators and multilingual learners succeed. We accomplish this through hands-on ML expertise and real-world experience, as well as outstanding implementation support, training, customer service, and support.

Custom plan for your district

Implementation includes a series of strategic conversations focused on listening to our partner’s needs and creating solutions that support the work of each individual district.

Dedicated implementation team

We’ll connect you with a team of experienced education experts who are fully dedicated to helping your team build mastery of the tools and succeed.

Sustainable training solutions

From on-demand videos, to webinars and in-person trainings, you will have access to a suite of resources to help your district maximize impact.


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