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Product Description & Details

How do teachers use Ellevation Strategies?

Ellevation Strategies is an effective and easy-to-use instructional resource that enables teachers to differentiate instruction for students in a variety of multilingual programs in all grades and content areas. Ellevation offers more than 80 classroom activities that all classroom teachers can easily incorporate into existing lessons, regardless of grade level and subject, ensuring best-practice instruction for making language and content accessible to every learner.

Is Ellevation Strategies better suited for teachers of particular subjects and/or grade levels?

Any teacher, regardless of grade level, content area or student population can utilize the instructional activities to make grade-level content accessible for ELs while engaging all students in sound pedagogical practices. In a classroom using Ellevation, students will better develop language proficiencies and progress on the path to reclassification and grade-level mastery of content.

Who developed Ellevation’s instructional content?

Ellevation worked with leading language experts including Jeff Zwiers, Jana Echevarria, John Seidlitz and Tim Boals to develop an easy-to-use instructional resource (Ellevation Strategies) that enables differentiated instruction for ELLs in all grade and content areas. Along with our Instructional Advisory Board, Ellevation Strategies was developed with support from two cohorts of teachers from across the country and was built upon the most relevant research-based best practices of English Language Development. Together, these teachers authored classroom activities as well as language supports aligned to college and career readiness standards.


Our district has already trained teachers on SIOP, GLAD, QTEL. Will Ellevation Strategies still work in our district?

Ellevation Strategies was designed to directly enhance PD models like SIOP, GLAD, QTEL and more. Ellevation Strategies was designed to directly complement trainings that are already taking place within a district. Because the models mentioned above require significant amounts of training, much of it taking place in person and on paper, it’s important to note that Ellevation Strategies is accessible to teachers anytime, anywhere. It allows practitioners to find additional activities and downloads online which they can access anywhere.


Can Ellevation Strategies be purchased at both the site and district level?

Ellevation Strategies can be purchased at either the district or school level. However, our main Data & Instructional Planning platform must be purchased district-wide. Please reach out if you would like more information on subscription options.

Bilingual/Dual Language Component

Does Ellevation Strategies have a dual language component?

Ellevation has a Dual Language component which extends the capabilities of Strategies to support the key goals of dual language programs. This component includes instructional activities, including downloads, professionally trans-adapted into Spanish, to support teachers in promoting the high academic achievement pillar of Dual Language. Further, the component directly addresses the bilingualism/biliteracy and socio-cultural competency pillars of Dual Language through professional Practices and instructional activities developed in collaboration with Dr. José Medina and Dr. Sonia Soltero.