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Spend less time on compliance and more time on instruction.

Run a high-performance ELL program that empowers teachers to help students achieve their highest aspirations.

Focus on what's most important

Ellevation gives you complete visibility into your ELL program’s data and processes. From deep language proficiency information on an individual student, to roll-up reports and data views across your district, Ellevation gives you the information you need to make key programmatic decisions.

Move beyond compliance

By eliminating the need to hunt down student data, compile reports and forms, and constantly check in with your team, Ellevation allows your ELL team to focus on what they do best: provide instruction and support to their ELLs.

Reduce time on administrative tasks by 70%+

Unify your disparate ELL data sources, capture key decisions about ELLs, monitor progress pre- and post-exit, conduct LPACs, and generate reports to share information with other stakeholders, all at the click of a button.

Foster a community of ELL knowledge

When your ELL team makes and records key decisions about ELLs in Ellevation, that information is instantly available to ELL specialists and classroom teachers. Now, all educators know their students’ ELP levels, descriptors, designated supports and goals, and much much more.

Support better decision making

By bringing all relevant ELL data into Ellevation, your team has at their fingertips the information they need to make key decisions. Proficiency scores, STAAR results, course grades, monitoring forms, exit criteria, and more, are all available as your team makes their placement, programmatic, and instructional decisions.

Enable high-quality ELL instruction in every classroom

Bridge the gap between the ELL department and classrooms by providing sustainable PD to help teachers skillfully and confidently adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students across the language proficiency continuum. By tying student proficiency data to differentiated classroom supports, Ellevation ensures all teachers are teachers of language.

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